Sunday, April 27, 2003

Fair Housing Specialist (Baltimore, USA)


Position: Fair Housing Specialist (Test Coordinator/Compliance Officer)
Reports to: Senior Counselor-Fair Housing

General Responsibilities
Under the supervision of the Program Manager-Fair Housing, functions as flexible member in
support of federal, state, and local fair housing law enforcement. Coordinates all aspects of
testing and monitoring program, responds appropriately to discrimination inquiries, and provides
community education/ outreach. This position maintains necessary documentation and records
and works collaboratively with other BNI staff and departments. Fair Housing Specialists are
crossed trained on the Test Coordinator and Compliance Officer functions and assume primary
responsibility in one or both areas as assigned, based on the Fair Housing Department.

Specific Responsibilities
Collaborate with other BNI program staff in referring complaints and in conducting community
education and outreach activities. Provide education and outreach to organizations and agencies
on fair housing laws. Help to increase the awareness of the assistance available at BNI if
housing discrimination is suspected.

Assist with in-house training and orientation of staff, interns, volunteers, etc.
Keeps informed of developments in federal, state and local housing laws, regulations, guidelines,
court cases and research. Receives training in other BNI program activities.

Interact effectively and represent BNI in professional and positive manner at all times to clients,
representatives of housing, real estate, and related industries, staff, volunteers, testers, interns,
members, board directors, etc. Maintain appropriate confidentiality. Handle sensitive issues
with tact and professionalism.

Maintain complete and accurate records of all activities related to various job duties and
assignments and produces reports on such activities as may be required by BNI.
Monitor real estate advertising in newspapers magazines and other publications to ensure
compliance with the prohibition against discriminatory advertising practices. As requested, may
assist with program audits and reporting to funding sources. Some travel and evening or
weekend hours may be necessary in conjunction with testing and outreach activities.
Communicate and interact effectively and appropriately with BNI program and administrative
staff. Utilize formal and informal supervisory time with Program Manager to maintain
appropriate level of information sharing and goal setting. Other duties as assigned by the Senior
Counselor, Program Director, or Executive Director. Fair Housing Specialists are cross-trained
on Test Coordinator and Compliance Officer Position activities.

Test Coordinator (TC)
The TC is primarily responsible for all phases of fair housing testing activities. Recruit and train
testers. Facilitate positive relationships between testers and BNI. Employ various methods to
assist in determining where to conduct tests including scouting and research. Develop testing
strategy and select appropriate testers. Make test assignments, provide appropriate and thorough
instructions for each test, and review them with the testers. Provide clear and accurate directions
when necessary, utilizing maps or other sources of information. Analyze test reports, debriefing
notes, and other information to determine whether there is evidence of illegal housing
discrimination and, if so, assessing its severity. Maintain accurate and complete records on all
testing activity and prepares reports as required by BNI.

Compliance Officer (CO)
In consultation with Lead Counselor, receive and respond to all fair housing inquiries and
housing discrimination complaints coming to BNI. Obtain complete information about any
alleged discrimination and in consultation with appropriate staff; determine whether any
discriminatory housing practice appears to have occurred.

Provide consultation to complainants with regard to their rights, options and remedies under the
fair housing laws. Assist complainant in trying to negotiate a satisfactory resolution of their
complaints. Write reasonable accommodation or modification requests when necessary.
Undertake necessary investigative action in appropriate cases, including consulting with Test
Coordinator to schedule tests, scout sites, conduct surveys, and interview clients and witnesses.
Refer appropriate cases to federal, state and local agencies for necessary enforcement actions and
participate as required in gathering additional evidence and providing any other assistance
needed in those cases, including any further action taken through BNI’s own legal resources. Act
as a resource to outside attorneys litigating BNI cases. Maintain accurate and complete records
concerning the progress and resolution of all complaints and prepare such reports as are required
by BNI.

BA/BS degree with relevant experience preferred. Bi-lingual (English & Spanish) language
skills a plus. Computer literacy in word processing and internet research required. This person
must have a proven ability to work within a structured organizational setting; excellent written,
verbal and interpersonal skills; the ability to remain objective and interact effectively with
persons in stressful and/or sensitive situations. Private transportation is necessary.

Interested persons may call Human Resources Director at 410-243-4468 or email your resume and cover letter to

BALTIMORE NEIGHBORHOODS, INC. – BNI is a 51 year old nonprofit Civil
Rights, Fair Housing and Tenant/Landlord organization. We specialize in providing information
about Tenant /Landlord issues and fighting against discriminatory housing practices. We are a
Civil Rights organization.

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