Saturday, October 16, 2010

Application Developer (Philadelphia Area, United States)

Hi dear applicants,
Libera, Inc. is hiring application developers at all levels.

Libera, Inc. is a dynamic and growing company that needs a progressive and computer-savvy work force. The information in the following sections will help you understand the company culture, employment opportunities and life in our community. If you like what you see, we encourage you to submit your resume and apply for the Libera team!

What's it like to work at Libera?

You can expect to be part of a very challenging working environment. We monopolize your strengths and incorporate you into our highly interactive team. You work with the best and brightest of individuals in a decision making process based on debate and having to sell your ideas to other bright individuals. You can propose what you will do and, if approved by the team, you have and exercise responsibility for getting it done. You are given the ability to make decisions and are held accountable for the results. You are judged based on productivity, style of delivery and quality of results. You quickly learn to monitor yourself and report back if things are not going according to plan. You are expected at all times to behave completely ethically with respect to customers and one another. Your level of commitment and involvement determines the scope of your personal development and the degree to which you meet or exceed your own expectations.

Libera expects employees to:

• Exceed client expectations by delivering high quality software solutions that are on-time and within budget;
• Foster the development of our team members by positioning each other and the team for success;
• Continuously improve our process of effectively developing software solutions;
• Continuously set and achieve attainable goals;
• Continue to achieve sequential revenue and profit growth in all product and service lines; and
• Be rewarded for continuously achieving financial, delivery, technical and customer service objectives.

Our Mission and values are the bedrock of our employment culture. In the fast-paced, nerve-racking world that is information technology, we will not stray from these principles. Libera is looking for talented individuals who are driven to succeed in the field of information technology. In addition to challenging careers, Libera offers significant growth opportunities for the right people and a total compensation package that includes excellent benefit choices and a comprehensive salary structure. Qualified applicants will find Big Company Benefits in a "Small Company Environment" at Libera.

Exciting job opportunities currently exist at Libera, the details of which are found below. Our employees draw on multiple disciplines including programming and development, Internet and web site design, technical consulting, quality assurance, testing and technical support, and project management to name but a few. If you have these or similar experience and skills, we would be happy to hear from you.

As Libera, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, all applicants and employees are evaluated based on their ability, competence and job performance. There is no discrimination based on race, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, or any other classification, which may be protected under the law. We welcome, encourage and represent diversity in our workplace.

Desired Knowledge Areas

For a Senior/Framework Developer

Cross-Browser Web Design (IE, Firefox, Mozilla, etc.)
SQL (Queries)
MS SQL Server
Oracle Server
Documentation skills
Quality Control

For an Application Developer (Entry-level or Experienced)

SQL (Queries)
Databases (SQL Server, Oracle Server, MySQL, etc.)
Quality Control

Tester/Trainer (Entry-level)

Able to understand software easily
Quality Control
Aptitude for detail

General Skills

Degree in Computer Science/Engineering (first choice) or others (secondary)
Experienced in working with software projects - Internet-based is an advantage
Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts
Team Sports
Good Stewardship
Self-Directed / Motivated
Desire to solve problems
Ability to prioritize and wear several hats
Ability to work under pressure at times
Ability to have fun

Internship Opportunities

Libera offers internship opportunities with area colleges and universities to enhance educational training and identify talented students for future full-time employment. Internships provide immediate benefits to the student through competitive wages and "real world" experience. Libera benefits from the immediate employment of the intern and the prospect of a future long-term employee.

Internships may be offered during fall or spring semesters or summer months. Just as we seek the highest qualified full-time employees, we seek interns with the strongest work ethic and motivation to succeed. Our minimum intern qualifications include:

• Undergraduate/graduate students typically in their junior or senior year of study;
• Preferably studying in Computer Science and Engineering or related program;
• Strong academic credentials as evidenced by a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above;
• Outstanding character demonstrated by written professional references and academic recommendations; and
• High degree of motivation demonstrated by participation in extra-curricular or community service activities.

To apply for a position with Libera, Inc., please email Ben Edlavitch at

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