Sunday, October 17, 2010

Internships (Grayslake / Round Lake, USA)

Go to career section and fill out our intern Q&A and aptitude test. The send it back and call us at 224-627-2439. Only applicants that follow these steps will be considered. Thank you.

Nutritional Institute and Green Branders is seeking interns to work out of our office here in Grayslake - and virtual interns that work from home.

We currently have positions available for general office, IT, web designers, web developers, marketing, writing, PR, bloggers, architect interns, video / you tube and radio editors. Most are non paid internships with the exception of expenses.

Part time paid permanent jobs will be available for some interns once our new site and new radio show is launched in the very near future.

Please send resume to and then call 224-627-2439

Thank you,
Nutritional Institute

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