Monday, October 25, 2010

Marketing Internship within the Wine Technology Industry (USA)

Hello We are currently looking for entry level & mid-level marketing associates to join the Napa Technology team ( to assist us in marketing efforts in the North East.

This will be an internship to start. However, sales have been growing rapidly for our young company; so in all likelihood it won't be long before this position would be able to convert into a full time opportunity, if you should desire.

This is a unique marketing position in that there are possibilities to earn compensation, based on the sales that result from your marketing efforts. So the potential for earnings is unlimited; and based on past sales and our current growth projections, this should turn out to be a very lucrative opportunity!

Preferably you should have some marketing experience. But we will consider any applicant that can demonstrate that they have the personal characteristics of a marketing professional capable of excelling within the wine & spirits and hospitality industries: Excellent communication & people skills, creativity, ability to think outside the box, charisma, tenacity, etc..

Some experience within the restaurant & bar industry or the wine & spirits industry will also be very helpful in this position. And you should have a passion for wine (but you don't need to be a “wine expert”).

This is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an already proven & successful young company, with incredible earning opportunity. Napa Technology represents the cutting edge of wine preservation technology and we are literally revolutionizing wine service in bars & restaurants! So you can count on a dynamic & exciting work experience that will also include event marketing efforts such as wine tastings and food events.

If you are interested in the position, please send us your resume and a simple cover letter to And of course you should check out our website at to familiarize yourself with our company and products before applying.

Napa Technology


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