Saturday, October 16, 2010

Social Network Internship Available (Anywhere)

Our company is on the verge of launching an incredible new social network of the likes that we have never seen before, combining all of the best that we have seen from the poular social networks without any of their faults. We are presently looking for college students who are interested in an internship opportunity in the area of marketing and promotions. Initially your internship would be to create a buzz and excite many people as possible about this new social network in order to build a large membership base as soon as possible after the site is officially launched. This will include launching your own unique advertising and marketing campaigns for this new social network. Each intern will get a free upgraded page on the network once we launch and those interns who gain the most members for the site will have the opportunity to join our marketing and promotions team upon graduation at which time monetary compensation will be determined. If you are interested in this once in a lifetime opportunity please contact Mark Goldstein at or Jasper Mills at


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