Thursday, October 21, 2010

We need your help
We are looking for a TALENTED and HARDWORKING individual responsible in the developing and evaluation of effective lead measurements and produce metrics for return on marketing projects analyses and data collection. Our trainee will assist in our 360 lead funnel solution. Serious compensation. base salaries, bonuses, commissions, overrides, closing commissions. Growth compensation.

Job Requirements:

* Ability to work with team members
* Ability to self-manage, prioritize, and maintain a high number of complex projects in a fast-paced environment
* Strong verbal and written communication skills
* Friendly, reliable, energetic and be a Team Player
* Able to directly motivate and SUPERVISE others to achieve maximum performance.
* Good analytical and problem solving skills
* Realtors with experience will fit perfectly
* Need good writing skills
* Ability to write professional letters
* People skills and communication skills
* Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
* Must be dependable

17w 240 22 nd St., Oak Brook Terrace, Illinois 60181

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