Friday, December 10, 2010

Paid Internship - to $19/hour - to 40 Hours/week (Midtown) United States

We are an online publishing company operating several websites in various segments, such as product reviews, website reviews, and job search tips.

We are looking for an intern to join us.

1.Good writing skills.
2. Ability to learn quickly.
3. Know how to use Microsoft Office Word.
4. Able to work no less than 10 hours per week.

The intern will mainly work on:
1.Writing on topics such as website reviews and product reviews.
2. Acquiring knowledge on specific topics by reading books, researching online, and receiving training.

The internship differentiates itself from other opportunities in several ways:

1. Flexible Schedule: the Intern can choose to be a full-time intern, working 40 hours per week, or a part-time intern, working 10 to 20 hours per week.

2. Competitive Salary: The basic salary is $10 per hour. Up to $9 per hour bonus is also available, depending on the intern's attendance, performance, and contribution to the team.
For the last 3 months, on average, the interns received about $16/hour, including $10 base salary and $6 bonus on average.
If an intern works for no less than 5 hours on a day, the intern will have 1 hour paid break. This makes salary for actual working hours even more competitive.

3. Convenient Location: The intern will work at our office near Time Square.

4. Time Devoted to Business Writing: virtually all the intern’s time will be devoted to business writing, including the research and the learning related to business writing.

5. Meaningful Impact: the majority of the interns’ work has been published online and has served millions of readers.

6. Training Program to Develop Skills: besides the on-the-job training, our training program also includes 16 units of presentations, covering business writing, professionalism, overview of business functions, and leadership development.

The internship will start immediately and end on May 18, 2011. The intern may renew the internship, depending on the performance of the intern and our business need. Previously some interns worked for more than 2 years with us.

The internship is ideal for a new college graduate, a college student, or other applicant, to acquire real work experience in an internet publishing company.

Please email your cover letter and resume to, and put "CRA120910" on the subject line.

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