Sunday, February 13, 2011

English teacher & Karate Intern (Saitama)

We are now accepting applications for our 9th English teacher & Karate Intern at the Shiramizu Karate Club in Sugito City, Saitama Prefecture.

This 9th internship will run from April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012, with the possibility of an extension.

The intern teaches English part-time at various locations to earn money while training at the dojo almost everyday.
The several part-time salaries combined cover all expenses (apartment, food, utilities, training fees).
There is an intern studio apartment near the dojo.
Cultural visa sponsorship possible for the right person.

The position requires;
1. A native English speaker, preferably a college graduate from an English university, since the intern teaches English to various levels of students.
2. Experience instructing children, whether in English and/or sports.
3. Honest desire to immerse themselves into learning karate from professional instructors for a full 12 months while being positive and outgoing.

The internship was set-up to allow non-Japanese to get the most out of learning karate in Japan while being able to earn enough money to cover expenses.
Applicants with no karate experience or karate experience both accepted.

Each month the intern participates in tournaments, seminars and other events. In addition, they assist with foreign guests, contribute to the 'Intern Blog' and help out wherever possible in the dojo. Interns also study Japanese at community center language classes run by volunteers. Lastly, they are responsible for training the next intern over a two-week shadowing period at the end of their own internship. Most previous interns have challenged a black belt dan test once or twice during their internship.

For more information, visit the internship blog.


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