Monday, February 28, 2011

Jobs in Politics (New York)

This memo is to address the most recent study from the National Association of Colleges and Employers. This study found that the top ten jobs for college graduates range from Accounting to Financial Analysis to Management Trainee. This memo is meant to address the initial worry that many of you may be feeling. Just because you did not major in Business or Accounting and you do not want to sit behind a computer screen staring at excel all day, does not mean you are not qualified for a job. In fact, there are plenty of amazing careers out there that will allow you to develop leadership skills and fight for social change. Imagine that, not only working in an exciting environment but also enjoying every second of your job.

Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. is now hiring Assistant Canvass Directors to run campaign offices across the United States, working on behalf of various, different issue-based non-profits.

Grassroots Campaigns, Inc is a progressive political consulting firm that specializes in running face-to-face citizen mobilization campaigns for political parties, candidates, and advocacy groups. By running campaigns on behalf of groups such as the ASPCA, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Amnesty International we can focus on building up their membership and volunteer bases while running field campaigns for candidates and other organizations to win progressive victories on the local, state, and national level and mobilize citizens to be more active and engaged in politics.

Responsibilities of the Assistant Director include:

Recruit a team of 10-40 canvassers to represent our partner groups on the
front lines. Strategically develop a plan to hire the best representatives for our

Manage staff and develop leaders in the canvass office. Work with your
staff to make them the best organizers and fundraisers they can be. Promote staff
into leadership positions and develop the next generation of progressive leaders.

Canvass to raise funds and build support in the community. Lead your staff by example and work on the front lines on the most important issues facing our nation.

Coordinate logistics; manage budgets and track income and expenses

Requirements for Position:

Strong communication and motivational skills, work ethic, and desire for political change are essential. Candidates must be able to work within a team, have proven leadership ability and an orientation towards handling a lot of responsibility. Strong self-direction and the ability to take initiative are also necessary qualifications. Previous field or canvassing experience is a plus, and may qualify candidates for additional leadership positions.

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