Friday, May 6, 2011

Assistant Editor Summer Internship (Chelsea, USA)

Company Overview
Grovo is an online education and training platform that helps businesses find and use cloud services in social media, productivity and online marketing. Grovo uses video as its primary means of instruction. Video lessons are engaging - they let a user see how things are done and hear detailed explanations. The videos are one- to two-minutes and can be paused or replayed, letting users learn at their own pace and increasing the likelihood of retaining new information. All of the courses are produced by our in-house production team.

We have garnered media coverage in the NY Times, CNET, PC World, and Good, among others. This past December, Grovo won the NY Vator Splash start-up competition.

Position Description
We're looking to expand our production team by two exceptionally talented Final Cut Pro video editing interns over the summer.

You should have a good sense of storytelling and pacing and ideally some experience with instructional video and screen capture footage. You will be responsible for screencapture of web sites and integrating this footage, voice overs, still images and animations into finished, high quality instructive products. (We have an in house animator, but any animation/After FX skills on your part are a serious plus).

This is an unpaid internship with a start-up in the Flatiron. We work hard, have a lot of fun, and have a record of hiring interns for full time positions when they become available.

Produce short, entertaining video lessons between 1 and 2.5 minutes each, upholding high standards of professionalism and polish.
Assist in all aspects of Production (Shooting, Lighting, Audio) for offsite live action shoots for commercials, testimonials or expert lessons.
Screen capture footage of the web sites we cover.
Assist in quality control.

Personal Requirements
Loves the Internet
Digs our mission and vision
Resourceful and comfortable being self-directed.
Hungry for success
Beyond creative
Thrives in a fast paced, challenging environment
Hard working and passionate about refining your craft.
Easy going in your own way
Extremely detail oriented and thorough.

Professional Requirements
Degree or certificate in animation, film, or related field, or equivalent production experience.
Professional nonlinear editing experience in Final Cut Pro.
Knowledge of keyframing.
Experience with screencapture footage.
Comfortable with quick turn around times and deadlines.
Must have a demo reel.
Own a computer (laptop preferred) running Final Cut Pro 7.

Experience working at a venture-funded web start-up (or you've always wanted to, and think you have what it takes)
Located in New York City Metro Area. Ideally able to commute daily to Flatiron district.
Passionate about education
Proficient in Adobe After Effects & Flash
Applicants with proven experience in 2D character animation and motion graphics will receive extra attention
Drinks scotch, bourbon, or other whiskies of the world
Loves music

Please send your CV, one paragraph about yourself, your 5 favorite websites, and your highlight reel to

Company: Grovo (Seed Funded Start-up)
Position Title: Assistant Editor Summer Internship
Compensation: Unpaid Internship
Location: NYC Flatiron/Chelsea

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