Sunday, July 3, 2011

Aide Assistant Rep (USA)

An aide manager works to provide administrator support. An aide manager is appointed to arrange meetings, attend calls and initiate company conversations. Basically, this appointment does multitasking functions. Generally, personal assistant works with directors, high level executives, producers, politicians and attorneys.

Duties and Responsibilities
He/she has to attend telephonic conversations and needs to process the received inquiries to bring desired outcome.

He/she has to organize business meetings, formal parties as per requirement.

An aide manager is responsible for e-mails, fax and dispatching important documentation.

His/her duties involve taking dictation, writing letters and emails and maintaining all the correspondence in black & white format.

Aide manager is responsible for briefing papers, presentations and processing presentations.

He/she has to travel along with the employer from one place to another whenever required.

He /she has to communicate with office departments whenever required and with travel agencies/ hotels to do arrangements for the employer.
Skills and Specifications

He/she should have the knowledge of emailing, processing mandatory invoices and online documentation.

An aide manager must be able to initiate conversations and should have the knowledge of secret documents.

He/she must be willing to travel any time during important business meetings with or without the employer.

He/she should have good writing skills to produce trade papers with zero error.

An aide manager should have extensive experience of organizing business meetings.

He/she must have sound knowledge of accessing software packages.

He/sheshould be ready to work for long hours.
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