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Internships: Web, Video, Education, Translation, Dev't - Global Lives (SOMA / south beach)

About the Global Lives Project:

Founded in 2004 and incorporated in 2007, the Global Lives Project is an arts, education, and new media non-profit that is building a video library of human life experience to reshape how we as both producers and viewers conceive of cultures, nations and people outside of our own communities. We envision a world where all human lives have equal value and where people on the opposite sides of the planet see and treat each other as neighbors.

Using 24-hour continuous video shoots--a virtual day in the life--of people from around the world, we educate, inspire and empower our audiences to "step out of their worlds" and reevaluate their roles as global citizens. We work with several hundred filmmakers, translators, designers, artists, and other volunteers in a uniquely global, volunteer-driven collaboration. Our first major exhibition at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in 2010 showcased the first 10 "day in a life" shoots and drew 20,000 visitors. In addition, we have hosted multi-screen video exhibits, film screenings and educational programs all over the world.

Our future plans include developing educational curriculum that incorporate Global Lives materials into classrooms worldwide, hosting additional exhibits and screenings in new locations, launching a dynamic web video platform and developing a feature-length documentary based on our content.

About our Internships:

The Global Lives Project offers six volunteer internship opportunities for Fall 2011 and Spring 2012. We are looking for graduate or exceptional undergraduate students to intern during 2011 to drive forward aspects of each of these initiatives.

Our internships offer a unique opportunity to learn from a diverse community of professionals from around the world working in a variety of disciplines. We have produced We have produced and shown our work in more than a dozen countries and are growing quickly, and an internship with Global Lives will give the intern the satisfaction of seeing their work have a major impact on a rapidly growing organization.

Internships require a commitment of a minimum of 150 hours, which is about 10 hours/week for 15 weeks or 20 hours/week for 8 weeks for summer internships. Each intern will meet weekly with their supervisor in person or by phone/video. These are volunteer internships. Individuals or groups of 2-3 students are welcome to apply together for each project.

The Global Lives Project is based in San Francisco, CA, though remote internships have been successful in the past for self-starters and students with strong support from a faculty member at their university. We are happy to provide necessary documentation for your to receive university credit as permitted by your institution.

Internship Opportunities for 2011:

Translation Community Manager -- Responsible for managing the worldwide community of Global Lives Project volunteer translators and recruiting new translators to expand the linguistic reach of our video work. Speakers of Portuguese, Kanada, Sunda and Sichuanese are particularly encouraged to apply. Appropriate for language or linguistics students.

Web Developer -- Will work to build out aspects of Must have experience with or willingness to learn Python, Django, HTML5 and/or Flash. Web developer intern will have the unique opportunity to work with Global Lives during a complete website redesign, and interact with professional pro-bono design and development partners.

Marketing & PR Manager -- Will manage Global Lives Project social media presence (blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.), craft newsletters and develop relationships with new exhibition venues, funders, and community of existing supporters. Must have experience with or willingness to learn basic HTML layout and Salesforce.

Educational Programs Coordinator -- Will work with staff and education partners to help build and coordinate a new education program utilizing Global Lives' materials in Bay Area schools, as well as coordinate with education partners worldwide. This internship offers a unique opportunity to be involved in the development of a new cross-cultural educational program from the ground up, and the intern must have excellent research, project management, lesson planning, curriculum development, people and writing skills.

New Media Producer -- Will work with Global Lives staff and producers to manage post-production of new media content for the Global Lives Project by working with staff, partner organizations and collaborating filmmakers around the world to support outreach efforts, development of documentary film, remote exhibitions and remixing of GLP content. Must have experience working with Final Cut Pro, basic HTML skills preferred.

Development Manager -- Research new grants from foundations and corporate sponsors and apply for continued funding from existing Global Lives funders. Will work with Global Lives staff on individual fundraising efforts, including newsletters, fundraising events, and online fundraising campaigns.


Interns will be recognized by having their names, photos and bios posted on the Global Lives Project website. Interns will also have the opportunity to become part of a global network of hundreds of filmmakers, photographers, artists and translators. Successful interns will be provided with letters of recommendation.

Bonus Points:

To demonstrate your proficiency with video as well as your interest in the Global Lives Project, we invite you to submit a video cover letter--please post the video to YouTube, Vimeo, or another web video hosting service and include the link in your cover letter.

Follow this link to submit an application:  

Thank you

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