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Australian Traineeship Program

Australian Traineeship Program
Traineeships are an employment opportunity to complement and increase flexible staffing with funding provided by State and Federal Governments and are part of Governments

initiatives to:
Assist businesses to obtain skilled employees
Save money through free recruitment and subsidised training
Support applicants to gain paid employment and training simultaneously
Budding Talents Recruitment can secure you a part-time or full-time role in some of Australia's leading organisations, while you receive a nationally recognised qualification and earn money. We can help you in many aspects:
Find you a Great Position

Budding Talents Recruitment can employ and place you into interesting permanent jobs with great companies

Induct You
You will be provided with a formal induction program to help you perform in your new role.

Pay You
Budding Talents Recruitment will pay your salary fortnightly and ensure that you are provided all your award entitlements. You will receive as a minimum a national trainee wage award.

Train You

As part of your traineeship, you will undertake a nationally recognised qualification delivered online by our partner registered training organisation (RTO) that combines online lessons and on the job experience.

Support You
We will provide you with ongoing support to ensure your success in your chosen field.

Are You Eligible?
You need to satisfy the eligibility criteria:
Excellent presentation and communication skills
Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia (for at least 6 months prior to applying)

Willing to commit to the traineeship agreement. Traineeship duration is between 12-24 months full time depending on the qualification.

Must not have completed a qualification equal to, or above a Certificate III, in any discipline. For example, completed Cert III, Cert IV, Diploma or Degree in any discipline will make you ineligible. Exemptions may apply if qualification commenced within 2 years of leaving School OR if completed in the overseas.

You must display a willingness to learn and commit to both the on-the-job practical element and the work-based training component of the Traineeship.
You must provide Budding Talents Recruitment with a copy of your resume and attend at least two interviews. One with Budding Talents Recruitment and one with the host company.

Upon successful completion of the second interview you will be required to attend an Induction where the documentation necessary for your traineeships registration will be discussed and completed. You will be required to enter into an agreement with Budding Talents Recruitment and your State Department of Education.
What traineeships are available?

Budding Talents Recruitment's Traineeship Program combines practical on-the-job experience with a flexible self paced work based study component delivered online by our partner RTO.

Dependent on Government funding priorities, traineeships may be available in:
Certificate IV in Financial Services
Certificate IV in Business Administration
Certificate IV in Information Technology
What work skills will be developed?
Task range varies according to the level of Traineeship and the particular organisational structure of the Host Company.

Cert IV in Financial Services: You will develop skills in financial administration, customer service, communication skills and accounting procedures. These skills can lead to employment opportunities in a variety of finance companies, accounting firms and other commercial companies.

Cert IV in Business Administration: You will learn administrative skills such as mail and record handling, phone and reception, computer skills, customer service, book keeping and team work. These skills can lead to employment opportunities in office work in a wide range of industries such as Legal, Finance & Insurance, Technology, Marketing and more.
Cert IV in Information Technology: You will develop skills in network administration, system management and IT helpdesk support. These skills can lead to employment opportunities in junior support roles in a wide range of IT and other commercial companies.

What is the expected workload?
As a trainee you will work full time on-site at a host company including studies of three hours per week.

Like all vocational employment training, successful completion depends on demonstrating your competency at the work place. You will be required to complete a number of "units of competency" but you won't need to attend lectures or read a lot of theory that doesn't relate to your work and career.

You select the range of competencies (as per qualification requirements) you wish to attain and then learn and demonstrate these competencies in the workplace. The heart of the program is competency-based assessment. The emphasis is on giving you opportunities to demonstrate your competence. As a vocational "competency based" qualification, the focus is on your ability to apply your workplace knowledge to the issues raised in the study material, on the application of your practical work experience and problem solving.
How much does it cost?

As long as the Government funding is available for the course you have selected, as a trainee you pay nothing. You may have to pay for the course tuition fee if the course is not funded by the Government which we will let you know when you apply.

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