Saturday, September 17, 2011

College internships

To search for college or student internships, visit the iHipo internships section.
Doing an internship whilst in university/college can greatly increase your chances of finding a job after graduating. They are often regarded as work experience, and can open doors to employment at the company where you have interned.

College or student internships are either work experience internships or research internships. Work experience internships are often in the second or third year of the university period. The internship can last for 2-7 months, and enables to put to practice what he/she has learned during classes.
Research internships are also known as dissertation internships, and are usually done by students in the final year of college. The intern would do a particular research for the company, which at the same time qualifies as the dissertation or thesis for a Bachelor or Master degree. The conducted research can be a problem which the company faces or another project which needs to be investigated (for example a market research), or can be initiated by the intern himself.

Please visit the iHipo internships section to search for college and student internships.

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