Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Internship Canada Program

  • Description

    Ever thought that the impossible was possible? Ever thought the way you do things may not be the way that others do things? Ever wondered what the classroom of life really means? Ever wondered if what you studied has any real world application? Then here is your opportunity to find out.
    With INTERNeX you have the chance to experience first hand how all of those classes play out in the real-world in an industry sector of your choosing. Bring your professionalism, flexibility, communication skills and sense of get-up-and-go and you will find that the door to your future is waiting for you.
  • Highlights

    * Placements are organized before you come to Canada
    * Placements are unpaid in order to tailor make the placement
    * Placements are in Canadas major economic centres
    * Placements may be in any industry area that you have experience or education in
    * Placements include assistance in arranging accommodation
    * Placements are for one month or longer
  • Qualifications

    - Must presently be a post-secondary student or recently graduated
    - Must be between the ages of 18-30.
    - Must have at least upper intermediate (7/10) English level
    - Must be available for a telephone/Skype interview
    - Must have a travel insurance
    - Must be: Flexible, Professional, Communicative, able to take Initiative

  • INTERNeX International Exchange's Mission Statement

    To promote personal success and facilitate the achievement of the professional aspirations of our candidates, host companies, and staff through tailored experiential learning programs which foster cross-cultural understanding and a mutually beneficial comprehension of a multicultural global community


  • Year Founded

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