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Internship in UK Reviews and Details

Over the years Internship UK been consistently improving in all aspects of work and training.

Supported by ex interns who know the importance of learning and developing in a productive and enjoyable working environment.

We surveyed existing interns in June 2010 and this is a list of over a 101 reasons for a placement with Internship UK.

(This list is not exhaustive)
1. Internship UK is Internship-UK.com Ltd a stand alone limited company that aims to act as a worldwide internship scheme. This has already started with Internship placements located in Cape town, South Africa and the Canary island, Spain. The long term aim of which is to help provide internship placements worldwide.

2. According to Alexa Internship UK is without a doubt the number 1 most visited internship site in the world.

3. Internship-uk.com limted receives an average of 40,000 applications per year for internships.

4. The Kent County government apprentice program: Internship UK is working with the Kent apprenticeship programs, to help provide local English students with practical courses. These are based on a 1 year contract with government support and guidance.

5. Member of Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) with over 220,000 members.

6.You get to experience how to work in an International work environment:
Internship UK gives you the unique opportunity to work together with people from all over the world and experience different cultures.

* Michael from Austria

7. Apply your theoretical knowledge:
You have the chance to put into practice and contextualise your theoretical knowledge that you have acquired in your studies into a real business environment.
*Marianne from Norway

8. Strengthen your CV:
Your CV will be more attractive for a future employer as you have both international and practical work experience
*Roxane from Austria

9. You get to build essential skills about team work:
You can learn the importance of teamwork as you communicate and work together with individuals from different countries. Learning how if you don't work in a team and challenges a task can become.
*Laurie from Belgium

10. You can develop and improve your communication skills:
With a variety of workshops that you will be having with Internship UK, you will get to learn more and more about how to interact with people and how to view a situation from both perspectives. To be able to analyse a situation and build a dialogue that enables you get the most out of any conversation.

*Gemma from Holland

11. You can improve your management skills:
By participating in management workshops you will get to know more about how to manage yourself and how to become a group leader. To understand the responsibilities that comes with it being a manager and how to handle situation that may arise.
*Gemma from Holland

12. You can get used to a working life schedule:
For some people this internship is their first real work work experience. The flexibility of the shifts and the working atmosphere allows interns to adapt to the working life, whilst building up professional working attitude.

*Henni from Finland
13. Gain an understanding about what career path you want to go into:
You can take the opportunity to gain a thorough knowledge of your chosen career path and find out if it is really what you want to do in the future without having to make a long-term commitment.

*Claire from the United Kingdom
14. Develop your personal confidence and skills in the field you work:
With this internship you can gain greater confidence in your abilities and learn how to build up your competences to gain rewarding career in the future.

*Helena from Austria
15. You learn to become your own teacher:
As a proactive internship placement, the more that you are willing to learn, the greater the available opportunities are. During this internship, if you are ready and willing, you can learn much more than you think you already know.

*Gemma from Holland
16. You learn how to maintain a good positive attitude:
From this internship you can learn how to keep a good positive attitude with the people you are working with. To develop your skills as an effective team player and learn how to overcome adversities and become more productive in your working life.

*Claire from the United Kingdom
17. International internship's beneficial for your CV:
An international internship placement will make your CV stand out more from the rest, and give you that extra edge when applying for future work.

*Gemma from Holland
18. You learn how to live together with people from all over the world:
You will have the unique opportunity to meet, work with and share experiences with people from around the world

*Curaine from France
19.Develop English communication skills:
Whilst working in an English speaking environment you will have the chance to develop you written and oral English skills and comprehension.

*Monika from Lithuania
20. Learn to become more independent:
As you spend time away from friends and family you will learn how to become more independent and take greater responsibilities in your daily life.

*Evgenia from Greece
21. Flexible working shifts:
To help integrate yourself into the working life and provide the best flexible work life balance, there are numerous shifts at Internship UK to accommodate and suit each and everyone's preferences.

*Jannike from Germany
22.International network:
Gain essential personal and professional international connections as you meet and network with people from around the world.

*Meggy from France
23. Cultural business experience:
Gain essential business experience and learn about the business culture and working environment of England.

*Martin Hjorth from Denmark
24. Discover your own strengths and weaknesses:
As develop you skills and competences, you will explore in greater depth your own strengths and weaknesses and learn how to find ways to improve yourself both personally and professionally.

*Magdalena from Germany
25. Discover more about yourself:
You have the opportunity learn much more about yourself. Being in an international environment with people from all over the world you will have the chance to grow professionally and mentally.

*Letizia from Holland
26. Build long lasting relationships:
Working with other interns from across the world and sharing experiences you will have the chance to create strong links and long lasting relations.

*Stefanie from Germany
27. Discover a new country and a new culture:
Carrying out a work placement in a foreign country is a great way to discover the way that foreign people live. It is a unique opportunity to learn and explore in depth the country and its cultural heritage.

*Marie-Eve from Belgium
28. Gain essential new skills and abilities:
By working in a real business context you will learn how to respect deadlines and develop a strong business sense. In addition, you can learn how to become autonomous in your work and be able to adapt to situations accordingly.

*Virginie from France
29. Learn how to handle responsibilities and take on new challenges:
By developing your skills and accepting new challenges you can over the course of this internship learn how to handle and deal with stress and manage assignment accordingly.

*Audrey from France
30. You get to discover in greater depth the functioning of a foreign company:
Whether you have had professional work experience in the past, this internship is a great way to see the differences between how companies operate in England and in your own country.

*Virginie from France
31. Learn how to live with others:
You will have the chance to live and share with people from all over the world, to discover first hand different cultures and how people interact.

*Claudine from Belgium
32.You get to work in a variety of different projects:
With this internship you will have the opportunity to test and challenge yourself in a variety of different projects and departments.

*Mario from Italy
33.You will live with other people of a similar background with similar goals and aspirations:
By living and sharing with people from around the world you will be able to communicate effectively with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

*Aafke from Holland
34.You will be taking care of the house:
You will have the chance to learn how to become more responsible for your house and house mates.

*Roberta from Italy
35.You learn how to love dogs:
As a part of the internship team, Kane and Fiona, the official Mascots of Internship-UK.com Ltd will always be around to provide a warm smile and friendly companionship. In addition, workshops are provided, if you want to learn about how to train and respect man's best friend.

*Roberta from Italy
36. You can discover the county of Kent:
You can live few months in the Kent region, in the south of England, and visit that beautiful area. Known as the Garden of England you can take the time over the course of your internship to explore the towns and cities in Kent and explore country side of England.

*Philipp from Germany
37. You will have lots of fun:
Thank to the event managers there are plenty of parties and events organised each week.

*Mario from Italy
38. You will be experiencing a new way of life:
With an Internship in New Romney you have the opportunity to discover a new or different culture than yours and you will quickly borrow some of their principals, such as respecting yourself and one another and to be PMA!

*Tassiana from France
39. You will have a professional "first" experience abroad:
As Internship UK mainly hosts students, it gives you the opportunity to have a "first" professional experience abroad, which is great for your CV and is beneficial also for your personal improvement.

*Camille from France
40. Learn the value of working and its subsequent rewards:
Internship UK gives the opportunity to their interns who are motivated and hard-working to be promoted to take on new challenges and deal with more responsibilities.

*Christian from Germany
41. Discover a country:
Thank to the events team you can take the time to travel around in England and discover the history, customs and landscape of England.

*Camille from France
42. You will be living in a Community of like minded people:
Internship New Romney links all interns together, living in the same house, and then you will learn to do some compromises and take the others into account, not be selfish!

*Stefanie from Germany
43. You will become more open-minded:
This internship program consists of people from all over the world, with different backgrounds, ideals and languages, so it gives you the unique opportunity to learn about others, share experiences and become stronger. (To learn from those around you and develop yourself further!)

*Aysen from Cyprus
44. You will gain a positive outlook and behaviour:
This internship gives you guidelines and advice to follow that will enable you to learn and understand courtesy and how to be, respectful, friendly, and above all fair with yourself and the others.

*Camille from France
45. You will make friends and Enjoy it!!
For sure you will create long lasting relations with people around you, with who you will spend a great time together at work but also after it. Hopefully you will keep in touch increase your list of contacts all over the world!!!

*Stella from France
46. Apartment-Sharing company:
Next to working with the new people you also live with them. You have the chance to learn to work together and come together to guarantee a smooth life together.

*Sina from Germany
47. You will be working in a young and enthusiastic team:
*This internship program gives you the opportunity to work in a dynamic, multicultural and creative team.

*Mary from France
48. You will exchange new fresh ideas:
*Internship UK gives you the opportunity to exchange new ideas that can lead to innovation both personally and professionally.

*Alessandra from Italy
49. You will be given the opportunity to get promoted and learn the value of responsibility:
Like in your future working life, you will have the opportunity over this internship to get promoted if your work is good and therefore deal with more tasks and responsibilities.

*Anais from France
50.You will never be bored and you will find time to relax:
Internship UK offers a lot of activities to do varying from: (workshops and training, cinema evenings, trip and tours and various activities...) so that you could relax and unwind, to allow you to be more efficient and productive at work.

*Aafke from Holland
51. You will improve your everyday English level and comprehension:
The fact that you will live in a community, with everyone, you will have to talk with them in English as this is the custom language and you will be learning professional idioms and business English. In addition, from this you will also learn an everyday English vocabulary that you don't normally learn at school.

*Veronika from Austria
52. Everyone has a chance:
Internship-UK gives a chance to everyone, regardless of background or experience, you just have to prove that we deserve the job. Each of us has our chance, even if we don't have any professional experience.

*Jere from Finland
53. Work and have fun are not mutually exclusive:
It is possible to do both at the same time.

*Luis from Portugal
54. Prove how good you are:
There are hundreds of challenges that need to be solved. Your creative ideas matter here. You’ll have the opportunity to develop innovative new ideas that millions of people will find useful.

*Veronika from Austria
55. Value:
Your success will be directly proportional to the amount of dedication you exercise. If you work hard you could be promoted almost every 2 weeks and at the end become a supervisor or a manager.

*Nicola from Italy
56. Future Opportunities:
If you are really good and motivated there is some possibilities to work with our partners to further advance your skills and competences.

*Luis from Portugal
57. Skill incentives:
If you are a very good communicator in the field of sales, you could gain an additional reward for closing a deal and finalising a successful reservation.

*Luis from Portugal
58. Achieve your objectives:
Through this internship you could pump up your CV and your professional experience.

*Antoine from France
59. Get on-going training:
Professional and self-development includes online e-learning and training through workshops and support from other team members.

*Alain-Joey from Holland
60.Feel welcomed:
By our PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) attitude and it is sure that you will get contaminated by it as you learn how to embrace new tasks and move forward in life.

*Luis from Portugal
61. Good location, near big cities, but not that big by itself:
You get to know your New Romney Family well, but you are still very close to big cities such as Ashford, Folkstone and London.

*Alain-Joey from Holland
62. Lots of possible fields of work to "choose" from:
You will have the possibility to gain experience from various different working fields.

*Samu from Finland
63. Experience Real English surroundings
New Romney is a small town in the south-eastern part of England, that offers a true English village experience, it is quaint, the people all know each other and the locals are very friendly and welcoming.

*Veera from Finland
64. Activities:
Our own event team organises events and activities that we ourselves want to do and therefore all of the interns have a say in the events organised and carried.

*Lina from Sweden
65. Accommodation:
As an all inclusive package deal it is easy to pay for everything in advance instead of first looking for an apartment and then buying food every other day etc

*Maria Elena from Italy
66. Responsibilities:
Even though internship UK offers an unpaid internship you are given a lot of responsibilities if you wish. You can manage a whole team during you internship which gives you valuable experience for the future.

*Veera from Finland
67. Internship UK works in co-operation with many different on-line companies:
Therefore, they have customised your internship so that you can benefit the most from this experience.

*Veera from Finland
68. Internship UK has a long experience in dealing with internships:
This is one of the reasons that you can feel assured that your work is important and the your assignments are carefully planned to give you the most out of your internship.

*Veera from Finland
69. Internship UK can help you decide your next professional step:
An internship in England has helped me decide what master that I want to do.

*Vaggelis from Greece
70. Increase your awareness:
Become more open minded, live in a diverse environment, become more adaptable and a stronger person. With this internship you can learn how to become more aware of your surroundings.

*Vaggelis from Greece
71. Set up a new start in my life:
In a place, where nobody knows me, I had the chance to create a personal that I wanted! To leave the past behind, and test myself in a new environment, with new people, with a new life.

*Vaggelis from Greece
72. You can prove to yourself that you can do it:
Through the hard projects you feel fulfilled and complete

*Jean-Philippe from France
73. You will grow up about a lot of things:
Being abroad without parents or anything else you have been used to have in your everyday life will make you stronger and more mature.

74. Help out others:
By helping others when they need help it you can make something interesting that can be used in the long run

*Paul Nicolas from France
75. Setting up some personal and professional goals:
When you start working on a project you set up deadlines and therefore, you set up your own a work life balance that is suitable to create a productive experience.

*Jean-Philippe from France
76. Improve your English skills in an economic context:
Internship UK offers you the possibility to improve your business English in the company. Therefore, you can learn a vocabulary and phrases adapted to the Working world.

*Johana from France
77. Sharp and concrete experience:
Internship UK gives us the opportunity to win a sharp and concrete experience in the domain which interests us.

*Johana from France
78. Integrate into a motivated group:
All the trainees here have a positive mental attitude towards their work and motivated to work. So it is very stimulating working environment here.

*Johana from France
79. Carrying out your ideas and improving your creativity:
Internship UK offers a high level of freedom in your work. You can develop and express your ideas and various point of views. To plan out and implement projects from initial conception to final conclusion.

*Paul Nicolas from France
80. You will be working in heterogeneous group:
Internship UK teaches us to work in a group on complex integrated projects that will give you responsibilities that allow you to develop as an individual and as a group.

*Johana from France
81. You will build strong relationships:
Internship New Romney challenges you with whether you are able to integrate yourself in a community, especially in one where people already know each other. (Old interns)

*Andrius Pieslikas from Lithuania
82. You will become part of one big family:
Internship New Romney gives you the opportunity to be welcomed in a new big family.

*Samu Koponen from Finland
83. You can have a work placement without previous experience:
With Internship UK, you have the possibility to work in a professional atmosphere even if you don't have an experience. You can start from scratch.
Vaggelis Pantidos from Greece
84. You will get a Certificate:
After the successful completion of the internship program you can receive online a digital certificate of your achievements.

*Anais from France
85. You can get a Reference:
Internship New Romney provides a digital letter of reference, covering letter and certificate of achievement that you can use as a reliable source for applying for a job in the future.

*Bernd from Germany
86. You will finish your education in a professional way:
Internship New Romney will help you finish your education in a successful way by providing a professional internship

*Myrto Lampri from Greece
87. It is easy to apply:
Internship New Romney creates a very easy tool to apply for the internship. You can call throughout the day from 8.00 till 22.00 o’clock to do an interview by telephone and find out whether you have what it takes to become apart of the internship program.

*David from France
88. Internship UK trusts in their interns:
Internship UK trusts its team and gives them the opportunity to do Real Professional tasks, instead of just making a cup of tea.

*David from France
89. You will be able to see the results of your work:
Internship UK deals with a multitude of tasks that you do in a serious way which gives you the opportunity to see the results of YOUR work, during and after your internship. (auberge, google analytics). Tracking and landing page conversions.

*Virginie from France
90. Memories:
Internship UK gives you the opportunity to gain incredible good memories of an unique productive experience.

*Rasa Svelnikaite from Lithuania
91. Open Experience:
Internship New Romney is open to many kinds of students, studying in various fields.
*Myrto Lampri from Greece
92. You will benefit from all the Workshops:
Thanks to all the workshops that are given in the company you will develop yourself and improve your skills in many fields both personally and professionally.

*Myrto Lampri from Greece
93. Good working conditions:
Internship UK provides good working conditions, your own work station for each intern, good space, good chairs and nice office environment. W

*Julien R from France
94. You will work in different projects and gain more than just Marketing knowledge:
Internship UK gives you the opportunity to work in different projects where you learn not only about marketing techniques but also IT stuff and a bit of HR when you have to manage a group.

*Myrto Lampri from Greece
95. You will improve your time management Skills:
With Internship UK sometimes you will have the opportunity to work with several different projects where you will develop you time management skills accordingly so as not to miss any deadlines.

*Francesca from Italy
96. Open day policy:
The company has open day policy open 7 days per week to welcome visitors. We often receive teachers from universities visiting their students, and their feedback has always been very positive.

*Marie from France
97. Fair Office Guidelines:
The internship establishes a well balanced set of office guidelines to ensure that everyone can work in a productive friendly office environment in a professional yet caring manner.

*Michael from Austria
98. Support local business through free advice, free web sites, free marketing ideas and sometimes interest free loan:
Internship UK provides help and assistance to local businesses to ensure that the nearby community to learn and share our knowledge in order to help businesses thrive.

*Veera from Finland
99. A thorough application form that allows the HR department to effectively assess and select those who are most eligible for the internship program.

100. CRB check requests from applicants to ensure that all potential applicants and staff members are certified responsible members of their respective community.

101. In the application the requirement for characters references allows the HR department to gain a third party perspective on potential applicants. To assess in greater depth and understand in more detail potential interns into the program.

102. Re-furbished office conditions. Extension of the office to accommodate addition workstations, New PC's, New servers , 5 big screen Plasma TV’s (50inch) for office workshops, presentations and promotional displays.

103. Kane & Fiona: 2 great canine mascots who bring a warm homely atmosphere to the working environment.

104. Recommended landlords for accommodation services who provide single rooms, regular cleaning services, ample living space. Who ensure that all properties are regularly checked for gas and fire safety and compliant with up to date licensing and property regulations.

Phone+44 (0) 1797 361 463
skype: internshipuk
skype: internshipuk2
Email: hr@internship-uk.com

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