Saturday, September 17, 2011

Internship jobs

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The uncertain economy, which started in late 2008 and was accompanied by bank failures and corporate bailouts, have led to higher unemployment and a tightened job market for fresh graduates. With the scarcity of jobs, many graduates have started to look at internships in a way to maintain relationships with an employer, to possibly earn some money and to remain attractive on the job market.

Internship jobs is the term known for an employment status somewhere between an intern and an employee. In this difficult economic era, the hiring of interns is easier for recruiters given the lower pay and benefits which interns receive, and their short-term employment makes them a flexible asset on the staff list.

The practice of internship jobs is also increasingly popular amongst mid-career professionals, who willingly accept lower pay and a flexible engagement in order to remain focused on their career path. Furthermore, taking on an internship job demonstrates a certain determination and motivation of the candidate – a asset which is definitely of value to employers once the hiring freeze is over and they are seeking fresh candidates again.

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