Thursday, September 22, 2011

Irish Server's and Chef's required immeadietly (Washington DC and the east coast of the US.)

Irish Business Solutions are recruitment specialists operating in the Washington D.C. ,Virginia & Maryland region. We have immediate vacancies for qualified Irish hospitality staff (who hold a valid J1 or H-1B / H-2B visa) in the Washington D.C/Virginia/Maryland etc region. Positions include Bartender, Server, Chef, and Host/Hostess. We also facilitate internship opportunities for J1 visa holders. The Irish hospitality sector in this region is a lucrative enterprise and there are many exciting opportunities.

Vacancies also in San Diego, New York State, Colorado,North Carolina and CT.
Email Brendan Barry through this posting for more details. Also check out
This particular advertisement is for legal Irish citizens who are eligible to work in the US .


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