Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kiva Microfunds Fellowship (Global)

Position Title: Kiva Fellows Program
Location(s): Global
Organization: Kiva (

Job Description:
Kiva (, the "hottest non-profit on the planet" according to FORTUNE magazine, is the world's first person-to-person micro-lending website. Kiva's microfinance institution (MFI) field partners are in 60 countries and post thousands of loans to every month so that individual lenders around the world can help to fund the efforts of microfinance entrepreneurs. The Kiva Fellows Program offers individuals a rare opportunity to travel abroad and witness firsthand the realities of microfinance by working directly with a Kiva field partner. The Kiva Fellow is an unpaid, volunteer-based position designed to increase Kiva's impact and to offer participants a unique insider experience into the microfinance industry.

The Kiva Fellow is an integral part of the organization, acting as Kiva's eyes and ears on the ground and helping to extend limited resources to maximum effect. Kiva Fellows fulfill tasks set out in a workplan, defined by Kiva along with the host field partner.

Core Responsibilities

Work closely with local staff to maximize the host MFI's partnership with Kiva
•Transfer skills to MFI staff on Kiva processes, policies and best practices
•Observe, learn and document the MFI's operations and its use of the Kiva platform, making recommendations as appropriate
•Assist the host MFI to regularly collect and post borrower profiles for funding onto the Kiva website

Facilitate connections between Kiva borrowers and lenders
•Interview Kiva borrowers to assess loan impact, verify data, and gather information for journal updates
•Develop innovative ways to facilitate connections via creative journaling, photographs, YouTube video and other means
•Write a blog entry every two weeks on the Kiva Fellows Blog

Support Kiva's product, marketing and organizational development
•Provide updates and feedback through field reports and a final end-of-fellowship report
•Utilize individual skill sets to complete special projects for Kiva as appropriate

Desired Skills/Experience

Successful Kiva Fellows tend to share certain skills and characteristics:
•Overseas experience (preferably in developing countries)
•High degree of flexibility, self-motivation and problem solving ability
•Cultural fluency and general adaptability
•Backgrounds in economics, finance, consulting and international development
•Familiarity and comfort with various web applications
•Dedication to working in the field with a microfinance institution
•Ability and commitment to fund the experience
•Minimum 4-month commitment
•Enthusiasm for Kiva!

Fluency or advanced communication ability in Arabic, French, Khmer, Mongolian, Pashto, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog/Cebuano, Turkish and Vietnamese are highly preferred or required for many positions. English-only speakers are encouraged to apply to our diverse Anglophone portfolio.

Where Fellows Serve

Kiva currently has active partnerships with over 137 microfinance institutions in 60 countries. Fellowship placements may occur at any of these locations, but availability is dependent upon partner need and the ability of a fellow to successfully complete assigned tasks. As such, individuals that express high degrees of geographic flexibility are more likely to be selected for a placement.

Additional Benefits

All individuals who successfully complete their fellowships are highly valued members of the Kiva family and will join the dynamic network of 350+ Kiva Fellow Alumni who continue to make change around the world.

How to Apply
The deadline for the 17th Class of Kiva Fellows is October 2nd, 2011. Fellows must attend a one week training in San Francisco in January 2012, and must deploy into the field in February.
See information on upcoming application deadlines and training schedules at our program calendar or visist to begin your application.


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