Sunday, September 4, 2011

MS in Computer Science: 8 Months Study + 2 Yrs Paid Internship in USA (Fairfield, Iowa USA)

We are looking for top IT software professionals who would like to earn an MS in Computer Science degree (in accredited U.S. university) with up to 2 years paid training (under an F-1 student visa) in a U.S. IT company.

* Emphasis on Software Engineering with OOP (Java, C++, C#)
* Extensive financial aid available.
* Study 7-8.5 months on campus (near Chicago).
* Then, up to 2 years paid internship training in U.S. IT company.
* Average annual internship salaries currently $50,000-60,000+.
* Little money required for first 8 months, depending on qualifications ($5000-8500, including $1500 for personal expenses).
* Get loan for balance of costs only after securing IT practical training internship.
* Repay loan prior to graduation.
* Entries: October, February, June.
* Visit our website at
* Students from 40+ countries currently enrolled.
* Study one course per month. (full time)
* Safe, harmonious, sustainable campus.
* Organic dining; single dormitory room; sports & recreation.
* Experienced, caring faculty.
* All students learn a systematic, scientific technique for reducing stress, and increasing creativity and problem-solving abilities.
* Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission in USA.
* Nearly 900 graduates from 70+ countries since 1996.
* GRE and TOEFL are not required, but helpful for evaluating applicants.
* For Chinese site, see

Note: This is not a job or employment position. This listing is for an accredited university academic degree program which in addition to its traditional academic content includes applied practical training component of up to 2 years paid curricular practical training (for non-US citizens) in a technical professional position at a U.S. company with a student (F-1) visa. (US citizens and Permanent Residents study 12-13 months on-campus, and have the option of doing up to 8 months internships.)

IT software professionals
Ages: 21-45
Education: 4-year BS in computer science or related field
Experience: At least 1 year is preferable, using Java, C++, or C# (Non US citizens)
(Top students with excellent grades, English, etc. may apply without IT experience.)
English: Intermediate to advanced (We offer additional ESL classes if needed.)

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