Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spring/Summer Internship (Kansas City)

Young Entrepreneurs Across America is an organization designed to give motivated college students a chance to learn real life business skills. YEAA trains students on many aspects of entry-level management.

Right now, YEAA is looking for 8 students to utilize their management skills in a paid internship setting.

As a Branch Manager, our student interns are tasked with the day-to-day operations of a small, residential, exterior painting company in the Kansas City Metro Area. In addition to being the Manager of the crew, interns will have the opportunity to perform basically all organizational functions of a small business owner.

Internship Duties:

· Participation in our Management Training Program

· Entry-Level Management

· Marketing Planning and Implementation

· Organizational Business Planning

· Day-to-Day Business Decision Making

· Business Reporting

Internship Details:

· Part-Time Spring Obligation (Training)

· Full-Time Summer Obligation (Management)

· Paid Internship

· Internship Credit Available

· Earn Real Income and Gain Real Management Experience

This Internship is NOT:

· A Franchise

o Students are not asked to "Buy in" to the program. No Franchise Fee or any other cash investment is required. There is no chance of "Losing Money" in the program. Qualified candidates will be given resources to operate the Branch.

· A Pyramid Scheme

o We do not require the enrollment of other peers in order to be compensated! Nor is there any Multi-Level marketing tactics used. Interns are employed by YEAA just as at any other legitimate employer.

· A Painting Internship

o We are not looking for painters. This internship position involves the managerial side of the business. We provide professional training for all painters underneath the Branch Managers' authority. Painters Paint; Managers Manage.

To apply, please respond to this ad with:

· Name and phone number

· Major and/or concentration

· Resume Attachment

· Why are you interested in a managerial position?


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