Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer internships (Dubai)

To search for summer internships, you can visit the iHipo internships section or the internship program section.

Summer internships usually last for 8-10 weeks and conveniently take place in between university semesters. This gives summer interns the opportunity to gain work experience without causing a delay in their study, and to possibly gain school credits for it as well.

Given the short period of time of summer internships (generally 2 months), the intern will usually be given short-term projects to complete. The intern will usually have individual ownership of his/her project, will work on a real-time (business) need or application, and can have significant exposure to senior management. Many multinationals have international summer internships, these are particularly popular in strategy consulting and investment banking firms. For an overview of summer internship programs, please visit the internship programs section or the company internships programs page.

Many organizations and companies organize summer internship programs. Most have early deadlines, and can already start recruiting for interns in November/December, it is therefore important to start researching and applying fairly early (winter time).

For applying to summer internships, the same general rules apply as when searching for other internships: start early, use several sources for searching (internet, job sites, university career centers, your own network etc), and of course to be persistent and patient. You can view our article on how to find an internship for more information.

Please visit the iHipo internships section to search for summer internships.

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