Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Internship Media (London)

Intern required -- To start: Mid September
12 Week Internship - £100 per week (for expenses)
Four days a week

The Manic Media Group (UK) aim to deliver a sharper, faster and more direct approach to the world of media, "If we say we can do it, then we will."

Fresh and Direct Media Company
TV and Film Development
Media Relations For the Media the Industry
Bar and Club Management
Artist Management

We are looking for creative individuals, preferably with experience in the media field but this is not required. Experience in studies such as Philosophy, Art, Design and the general creative field is a bonus.

We are not interested in applicants who have studied a degree in Film and Media studies or courses amongst these grounds. Applicants who apply with these qualifications will not be taken into consideration.

As part of the Manic team you will be expected to be extremely flexible with the day-to-day operating tasks. These will differ from office work, networking, managing clients, creative writing to a whole range of extensive research duties.

If you are interested in applying please send a CV and personal statement stating:

1. What the term 'Manic' means to you.
2. If I could, I Would. . .

All applications to be sent via email to:


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