Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spanish, Tango and Volunteer in Buenos Aires! (Buenos Aires)

Voluntario Global provides an opportunity for people to integrate themselves into the communities of Buenos Aires, sharing their unique skills and supporting grassroots initiatives that work to help people improve their lives.
Volunteers choose from a variety of programs depending on their interests and Spanish language level. Every program includes optional Spanish classes and Lodging.
Opportunity Areas:
Community Soup Kitchen
Teaching English in a Community Center
Working with orphan children
Help in a kindergarden
HIV Prevention Center
Organic Garden in a Psychiatric Hospital
Volunteer in a Health Center
Assistant for Responsible Consumerism NGO
Marketing and Communication at VG
Community Radio Station
Advocacy for Social Justice
Work in Fair Trade with Island Families
Computer Workshop in the Community Center
Help in a Recovered Business
Project Assistant for Neighborhood Development
Assistant for Graphic Design Studio
Community Help in Iguazu Falls
Help in a Community Center in the North of Argentina
Agricultural Development in Bolivia
Radio Broadcasting
Marketing and Communication
Environment and gardening
Please check out our website at for more information on how to enroll in a program.
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