Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spanish teacher (Seoul)

Recently I have moved to Seoul to find a job. I am open-minded, hard-working and I learn fast. I already have shown my ability for adapting new environment in other countries, and to work in group of different nationalities.
I am seeking for a job as a Spanish teacher or in the environmental science field in Korea for a challenging place where my personal skill, experience and education background can be applied and developed. My experience of living in other countries (Sweden, France) gave me a global point of view of education and it makes a good choice as a foreigner worker.
I have B2 visa, so the company who will want to hire me have to sponsorship my change of visa status. It takes 2 weeks and I just need the contract and a letter of recommendation.
I am interested in Engineer and Environmental careers. I moved to Salamanca for a bachelor of Environmental Science studies and there, I also started a new life living by myself. I understood that English is very important for a Science student so I tried to improve as much as possible. I participated in an Erasmus program in Sweden for 1 year. This experience gave me the opportunity to discover and learn from one of the most 'developed' and 'green' country in the world. Learning Swedish language and culture was also intriguing.
Thank you for reading my self-introduction and I wish to meet you through a personal interview.
Sincerely, Jaime Martin.
Phone: 01058200604


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