Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Teaching English at a community centre (Buenos Aires)

Unlike giving classes in an English institute or bilingual school, a community center presents a distinct challenge. The adults and children who help at the community center often do so in order to eat at the food bank or because there is no space to study or even read or do homework in their own homes.
Many adults enjoy learning something that takes them away from their everyday problems and helps them feel that they are still able to learn new skills.
For this reason, the classes are not necessarily separated into ability levels. It depends on what time students can come to the center and whether they have work they need help with or if they just come to learn, the students are separated into groups and divided between the volunteers. Classes are overseen by a coordinator who organizes and knows all the students.
Volunteers Tasks:
-Helping the coordinators in preparing classes and workshops
-Getting students used to reading English and practising doing exercises with them
-Practicing pronunciation, reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary
-Creating in some cases special workshops with themes suggested by the teacher or the volunteer themselves.
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