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Training Coordinator (Beijing)

Job Announcement: Training Coordinator

International Bridges to Justice (IBJ) supports the continued development of China's criminal justice system and promotes increased awareness of the rights of accused persons. Working in partnership with government and civil society institutions, IBJ provides practical training, resources and other technical assistance to criminal defense lawyers and other members of criminal justice system. IBJ's programming focuses specifically on strengthening the capacity of China's rapidly expanding indigent criminal defense system as well as the quality of the criminal defense bar. IBJ is a non-governmental, non-profit organization with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
IBJ is currently seeking a candidate for the position of China Program Training Coordinator, to be based in IBJ's office in Beijing. The Beijing based Training Coordinator will directly report to both the China Program Director and the IBJ Training Director or her/his designee will be responsible, under guidance from IBJ in Geneva, for development, oversight and coordination of all of IBJ China's training initiatives to ensure consistency with overall organizational mission and goals .

• Support the development of the training component of all IBJ China programming, written materials, and agendas, consistent with IBJ organizational goals, policies, performance indicators and/or measurements. Help establish appropriate training mechanisms and modules that include, among other content: (1) vehicles for training large numbers of defenders; (2) methods for passing the skills developed and legal information delivered in trainings to other non-participants; (3) eLearning and accreditation (4) legal ethics education; (5) implementation of standards.
• Manage logistics of IBJ's live and distance-learning training programs in China. Administer and set budgets for training programs, equipment and support services. Maintain and manage accurate vendor and expense records.
• Collaborate with the China Director, under the direction and guidance of IBJ's Training Director, to create IBJ China's annual training program plan. Coordinate with IBJ's Geneva office to develop and share training materials worldwide.
• Participate in IBJ China training programs at the national, regional and local levels, including work with IBJ's Regional Defender Resource Centers.
• Research community training needs in conjunction with IBJ strategy. Conduct training needs assessments for current and potential IBJ China partners.
• Support the creation and development of distance learning modules.
• Develop and implement: (1) timely and accurate internal and external reporting methods; (2) effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms; (3) training standards and methods for continuous program improvement; and (4) appropriate policies and procedures.
• Foster the growth of strong, cooperative relationships between IBJ and China's criminal justice community, including relationships with current and potential partners, universities, civil society institutions and others relevant to IBJ's mission and activities. Support professional collegiality within the legal aid community and more broadly within the criminal justice system.
• Keep abreast of and analyze current and proposed laws, regulations, and rule changes that may impact China's criminal justice community and/or IBJ's activities.
• Support the development of an effective communications strategy for IBJ's training function.
• Coordinate with other IBJ staff, interns and volunteers while both focusing on IBJ's mission and goals and on supporting the next generation of China's criminal justice community. Assist in directing intern activities.
• Support other IBJ programs and staff as requested.

• Set budget for training and eLearning program activities, under the direction of the China Director and in collaboration with the Beijing Office Manager, utilizing and promptly submitting completed budgeting templates and checklists.
• Negotiate with training partners about budgeting. Verify and work to ensure partner compliance with budget parameters.
• Assist in preparing program budgets and proposed budgets for funding proposals.
• Review monthly accounts related to your projects to assist the China Director's preparation of financial documents for Beijing office.
Reporting and Evaluation
• Write and promptly submit activity reports for each activity or program in which you are involved. Write and promptly submit other reports for IBJ as requested by the China Director or IBJ's Training Director, or both.
• Coordinate with IBJ staff to create evaluation and monitoring methods that timely and accurately reflect activity and program outcomes, achievements, and obstacles. Utilize evaluation and monitoring results, as well as experience, to constantly improve effectiveness of IBJ programming and activities.
• Report to other DRCs and Beijing office information learned from contacts within the legal community or universities relevant to the effective planning of IBJ activities.
• Prepare a weekly report for the China Director.
• Prepare other reports as required.

Proposals and Grant Writing -- Strategic Planning
• Assist, when necessary, with proposals, concept papers, and grant writing.

Translation, Recruiting, and Other Duties
• Ensure proper translating at all meetings and trainings.
• Arrange for translation when necessary.
• Support foreign staff with communications/translation/cross-cultural issues.
• Evaluate the work of staff and volunteers to ensure that programs are of appropriate quality and that resources are used effectively.

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: Training team consisting of IT support person and project manager, if assigned. Other staff and volunteers engaged in training activities. Program officers engaged in training activities. International legal consultants engaged in training activities.

• Follow all IBJ rules, regulations and policies, including those set forth in any code of conduct, employee handbook, or other documents.
• Exhibit a high level of professionalism and discretion with respect to IBJ operations, budgeting, and personnel matters. Maintain confidentiality of any compensation or other personnel information. Maintain confidentiality of IBJ information.
• Be a pro-active problem-solver. Taking initiative and working independently is encouraged.
• Be a team player. Assist other IBJ staff when time allows, or if there is a pressing matter that requires extra effort.
• Asking questions and seeking guidance or clarification is encouraged.
• Communicate questions, issues, concerns, and recommendations promptly, candidly, and professionally to China Director.
• Be able to communicate effectively in Mandarin and English, both verbally and in writing.
• Promote IBJ and its best interests in China, helping it achieve its intended impact.
Understand that IBJ is a small and changing organization, and that therefore, employee roles and duties may vary over time.
• Clear all press contacts through the Geneva Office.

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter with date of availability, and detailed resume, in English, to abewicke [at] ibj [dot] org before August 30th, 2011.
For additional information on IBJ, please visit our website at:


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