Saturday, October 1, 2011

Volunteering in After-school Support Sessions in Primary School (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

The school where the project takes place is in a settlement in Villa 21. There are more than 40 children in each classroom and the children have problems learning and paying attention. What's more, there is the added difficultly that many of their parents do not know how to read or write and therefore cannot help them. They do not have adequate places in their homes to study and the majority live together in over-crowded houses, where studying is not an option.
Together with the coordinators, the volunteers have developed an after-school support program that takes place in a classroom/library dedicated exclusively to this project.
The teachers send the students that feel frustrated and are unable to advance in their studies to the after-school program, where the coordinators and volunteers personally help them study English or Maths, which are the subjects that the students have the most problems with.

Volunteers' tasks:
1. the most important thing is to be interested in listening and understanding the needs of the children, teaching them and giving them hope that they can learn.
2. Working on an almost one-to-one basis with each child in the programme is also important, following the guidance of the subject teachers and the exercise books.

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