Thursday, May 17, 2012

Real Business Internship an Entrepreneurial Mind (CANADA)

You have opened this post because you have million dollar ideas but you never taken big action to make them happen. You keep getting more ideas, bigger ones but you keep getting in your own way.
The good news is that you've already got the skills to do most of what you need to do to realize your ultimate goals.
You know that success isn't about hard work because if it was, we'd have millionaires living on every corner.
I'm looking for someone to mentor, to teach and to leverage.
I'm not looking for your money or credit.
I am looking to leverage your time.
In exchange you'll be my intern. My protégé. My student.
You'll also get financial compensation.
I'll tell you some things you've probably heard before but guess what?
Studies show that it often takes hearing something fifty times before you get it.
I promise I'll give you new twist on what may be familiar topics.

Follow me and learn from me for a year and may never have to worry about money again.

If trusting some guy on craigslist feels kooky to you, let my certainty overcome your doubt.
Are you ready?
It doesn't matter if you're not prepared because I'm going to help you figure it out along the way.

Give me an email with your contact information and we can answer your questions and conduct a quick phone interview to see if you qualify. Refer to "Real Business Internship" in the subject line.
If you prefer, you can call me directly.
I have other opportunities available so mention "Real Business Intership" when we speak.


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