Wednesday, October 17, 2012

INTERNSHIP Program in New York

Artsnapper is looking to fill the following internship positions for the Fall and the Winter Break:

Social Media Intern
Blogging Intern
Marketing/Advertising Intern
Gallery Rater Intern
Graphic Design Intern
Photographer Intern
Web Developer

About Artsnapper:

Artsnapper is a visual art guide that enables people to discover, review and recommend art, while learning about their preferences in art. As a Smartphone application, Artsnapper enables you to discover art wherever you are located based on recommendations from the art community or your own preferences. Members share SNAPS of art they love, geo-tag the location and write a review of the piece. Other members can rate the art, ask questions or share their insights. Most importantly, Artsnapper recommends art based on the user's taste preferences. Artsnapper is an easy way to share, review and discover art.
About You:

Must BELIEVE that art is created for everyone and want to share that experience
• Works well in non-structured environments and must possesses an entrepreneurial spirit
Knowledge of lifestyle and culture publications online and in print
Professional and personable, with excellent communication skills in dealing with colleagues, customers and the online community
Self-motivated in completing projects. Ability to "roll with the punches" in a fast-paced environment
Detail-oriented with very high standards
Passionate about new media content, especially with regard to art, style, entrepreneurship
Career goals at the intersection of editorial, gallerist, new media, community, art and culture
Curious mind

Candidates of all levels of experience are welcome. If you have a willingness to learn, a positive attitude, and customer service skills you will be considered.

What are the benefits of the Internship?

In this internship you will gain experience:

Working for a company with a very passionate online community
Running your own experiments
Participating in a collaborative work-flow at a growing internet company
Building your own brand

Also there is an opportunity to turn internship into a JOB/CAREER

About the Social Media Internship:

Manage social media campaigns and day-to-day activities such as online advocacy; write editorials, community outreach efforts, promotions, etc.
Become an advocate in social media spaces, engaging in dialogues and answering questions where appropriate
Monitore trends in social media programs
Provide feedback and recommending courses of action to the company's management and marketing teams

About the Blogging Internship

Proof posts and edit for content, style, and most importantly CONTEXT
Tell your story and educate the public through your postings
Write material that will beneficial to the community
Interview artist, collectors, gallery owners etc

About the Marketing/Advertising Internship

Use AdSense, Affiliate Programs and other programs to raise awareness about Artsnapper
Create marketing materials and work with designers
Promote art exhibits, gallery events and artist
Implement an experiment of your liking

About the Gallery Rating Internship

In order to make galleries and museums more accessible, Artsnapper is creating a gallery rating system

Visit galleries, speak to gallery owners, artists
Evaluate galleries and Write reviews
Attend Gallery Openings and network

About the Photography Internship

Visit galleries, photograph art and artists
Use photography to promote Artsnapper

About the Web Designer Internship

Create visual enticing images, designs and advertisements
Work with marketers to create marketing materials
Must poses illustrator and Photoshop skills, also CSS and HTML a plus

About the Web Developer Internship

Work with other developers to assist in the design of the website
Ability to think analyze problems and provide solutions
Must poses knowledge of one or more programming languages (i.e. Heroku, PHP, Ruby on Rails)

What's Next?

Send us your resume and specify which position(s) you are applying to.

Please specify which skills you possess that can contribute to the position you are applying to. For example, if applying to the Graphic Design internship, provide samples of your work (portfolio) or list skills which you possess which would make you a good fit for that position!
Please take the following 2 minute survey or
Additionally, all applicants, EXCEPT graphic designers and web developer, please edit and return the attached proofreading quiz. Edit not only for grammar, but also style and clarity. See below:

Please send all documents to info@artsnapper

Applicants will ONLY be considered if they submit all the related materials.

Blog Intern Editing Exercise
Please edit and return with your application materials.

I do not find facebook, or flickr to be much help. But saying that, here would be nothing I
would regret, b/c ANY type of promotion gets your art out there, and in the minds of
people. Maybe if I didn't live in a tiny town in the thumb of michigan, promoting would be
easier. But that's not changing anytime soon, so I work with what I have and just do my best!!
Some things work better for others and some things totally work for one shop and then not
yours. Just find your niche and what works for you. If you like blogs, promote your art on
blogs that bring customers in with the like of your items. I have bought ad space on some
decorating blogs...not sure how succesful that was though....
The hardest part is def. time manangment and the finances etc. THere are some days that I
DO NOT feel like putting canvas. But I see it there..staring at me. I always
end up paint. As for the money part, it is so hard to keep track of all the expenses. What is
coming in, what is going out...making sure you are charging enough, not charging too
much...When I have canvas, shipping, shipping supplies, keep track of
it can seem like a burden, but is is so important!


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